Apr 242012

I downloaded and installed QQ Instant Messenger today but when I tried to register a new  user account on the imqq.com website I was repeatedly warned: “you cannot use this nickname“. This happened with every nickname that I tried and something was obviously wrong.

The solution:

It appears that you cannot register on the imqq.com website using Google Chrome. After several failed attempts using Google Chrome, I tried using Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 on Windows 7 and user registration worked first time.

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  20 Responses to “QQ Instant Messenger: You cannot use this nickname [solved]”

  1. Thanks for this I was having exactly the same problem. You helped a lot! ;-)

  2. wow great thanx alot to help us brother

  3. Had the same problem on Firefox. Seems if you’re a Mac user you must use Safari to register.

  4. thanks a ton buddy

  5. Thank you a lot:)

  6. Hi

    I have the same problem, probably u use AD BLOCK. when you turn off AD BLOCK u can register without any problem.

  7. lol its an adblock problem and not a chrome issue

  8. thanks a lot!!

  9. Thank you for your help mate but I´m trying to do it on internet explorer and now after I click on sign up appears “Sorry, server is busy. Please try again later.” several times…. Do you know another solution for this??
    Thanks in advance for ur support

  10. WOW ! tat helped…wz scratching my head 4 so long

  11. thank you!

  12. problem no can open qq

  13. Thanks man :)

  14. help me pls it doen’t work with my IE 9

  15. hi. i still cant input my nickname. keeps on saying you cannot use this nickname. plz this is urgent

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