Feb 282012

Have you been asked for your DfE number when applying for a teaching job? I had to complete an application form and was prompted to enter my DfE (Department for Education) number. This confused me at first but then I found out the new name is the Teacher Reference Number (TRN) which I was given at university. My TRN is a seven-digit number starting with 11, the first two digits apparently signifying the year in which it was issued.

  2 Responses to “What is my DfE number for a PGCE/NQT job application?”

  1. Good morning
    I cannot find my DfE number.
    I graduated from Bath College of Higher Education in 1979
    My degree Bachelor of Education from Bath University

    • Have you looked for your Teacher Reference Number (TRN)? Some application forms may still be referring to DfE number but it is more correctly referred to as the TRN.

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