Dec 162011

The Little Man Computer simulates machine code programming using a simple instruction set and 100 memory addresses (labelled 00 to 99). This implementation was created to teach students in year 9 studying OCR Computing GCSE. As you can see, it is quite visual and most students found it straightforward to use.

Download now: LMC_Pizzey_v.1.5.2_SECURE

The simulation uses a macro-enabled worksheet created in Microsoft Excel 2007. If you want to run the simulation, you must enable macros after you open the worksheet.

  18 Responses to “Download LMC simulation v.1.5.2 (requires Microsoft Excel)”

  1. Thanks for uploading this it works really well and I can use it for my ict project!!!!

  2. This excel file is very useful in my teaching. I would like to show some more registers to my students, such as MDR, MAR, … How could I do so?

  3. I like the tool, tried it successfully with my 9 years old son :-)
    However, please could you ad a “run” button that executes automatically until HLT?

    • I’m glad to hear that it is helping future computer scientists!

      My implementation of the LMC runs step-by-step as I wanted my students to follow execution. However, I might consider your suggestion if I find time to review the code.

  4. Thanks for this excellent tool Brian. Please consider sharing it on the CAS website – lots of people would be glad of it.

  5. It shows a clean view, no messy and ugly looks at all. It really helps with reading it all. Well done.

  6. Hi,

    Regarding the Little Man Computer demo of the CPU have you any worksheet that I can borrow and use. Its a great activity and it be even better if there were some worksheet to guide the students on how to use the Little Man Computer.



    • Steve,

      I’m glad you have found the simulator useful. I wrote it on a whim one evening but haven’t used it for a long while as I now teach ICT and not Computing. If I were still using it I would probably make some small improvements or a version that used mnemonics.

      I may have some worksheets somewhere and will see if I can find them, but don’t hold your breath. A Captivate video or similar might be the best way to demo some of the features.


  7. Please can someone tell me how to make it able to find out which number is bugger and which number is smaller. Thank you

    • Which number is a bugger? Or which number is bigger lol.

      Well you have a branch if more than zero (8XX) instruction, and you have a subtraction (2XX) instruction. So I would say get your two values, perform a subtraction, If the result is more than 0 branch to the point in your code that says Number 1 is bigger.

  8. brilliant resource but as someone else said this would be even better if it showed the MDR and MAR – is there any chance the password could be provided?

  9. Wow this is great! But where is the INBOX? Or how do use the 9XX (input) command?

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